The Manors of Birmingham
Fourteen Mile Road & Woodward Avenue | Birmingham, Michigan 48009

The Manors of Birmingham Rules & Regulations

The Manors of Birmingham 
Rules and Regulations

The following are some areas of concern at the Manors of Birmingham which require the cooperation of resident co-owners, non-resident co-owners and tenants alike. The condominium bylaws include the rights and obligations of the co-owners. The rules serve as a supplement to legally prevailing state condominium laws. Your cooperation is expected and will go a long way in helping maintain a better atmosphere within the confines of the complex. It is necessary that we consider others living in close proximity (above, below, to the sides) at all times. How we play our stereos, TVs, radios; how we park our car; whether we slam doors; how well we clean up after ourselves at the laundry facilities; etc, all can make or break the harmony of the complex. It is important that we all take the time to work with each other to come to an agreement as to what we expect from each other. The Board of Directors will listen to all complaints and will work within the confines of the bylaws in seeking to resolve any difficulties. Common sense, courtesy, and consideration should govern the actions of all co-owners and / or residents.



The Manors of Birmingham Association allows one parking space per unit. It is important that all occupants, renters and co-owners abide by these parking rules. The visitor / guest parking spots are for visitors only and will be monitored regularly. Cameras will closely monitor parking areas. Co-owners found parking in guest parking spots will be towed at the owners expense as indicated by the posted signs.

We understand that some Units have more than one vehicle and the Board has spoken with Embury United Methodist Church at 1803 East 14 Mile Road and for a minimal fee, approximately $40.00 per month, they are willing to offer parking spots in their lot. To contact them and make arrangements, their contact information is 248-644-5708.


Any violation of the bylaws is grounds for assessment by the Association. Assessments are levied against the co-owner, no matter who is residing in the unit. 

- First violation = Warning Letter
- Second violation = $25.00 fine
- Third violation = $50.00 fine
- Fourth = $100.00


When co-owners rent out their unit, it is very important that the following information be sent to the management company:
1. Copy of rental agreement / lease
2. Name and phone number of tenant
3. Vehicle Make and license plate number

Additionally co-owners who rent out their unit must provide a copy of the rules and regulations to their tenant before their move in date.


All pets at the Manors of Birmingham are required to have a permit issued by the Board of Directors, and conform to all the laws as prescribed by the City of Birmingham. This includes having your pet on leash when outside of your unit. Animals are the responsibility of the pet owner and are to be contained within the unit, and cleaned up after when they are taken outdoors. Dog waste should beimmediately thrown out. At no time are pets to be allowed to roam freely within the building or common grounds. No dog which barks and can be heard on any frequent or continuing basis shall be kept in any unit or on the common element. Violators will be subject to fines. Please see Pet Registration link


It is necessary to ask that all trash be properly disposed of in the dumpster's located in the parking lots. Trash must not be left outside or near the dumpster. Please place all trash inside the dumpster's. We are billed separately for any trash left outside the dumpster. This cost will be passed on to the co-owner of the unit for who is responsible for not putting their trash in the dumpster.


Trash bags, furniture designed for only indoor use may not be left on balconies at any time. In addition it is not appropriate to hang wet towels or laundry to dry over your balcony railings for prolonged periods of time. Please keep your balcony clean and orderly. Please remove dead plants during the winter months. No shades, hanging vases, hanging candles, tikki torches should be on your balcony at any time.


Please note that the association is bound by the State and County regulations. The restrictions placed on the use of the pool, be at times of use or otherwise, are not the choice of the Association. They are the law. 
1. The pool is for residents, co-owners and their guests. 
2. The residents and / or co-owners must be with the guests while at the pool.
3. Children in diapers are not permitted at the pool. 
4. No glass is permitted at the pool. 
5. No food is permitted at the pool.
6. No diving, running, or rout behavior is permitted at the pool.
7. A life guard is no available. Swimming is at your own risk. 
8. Radios or musical producing devices are permitted, but the use of earphones is required. 
10. The pool gate must remain locked. 
11. Please maintain the pool area when using it. Throw out all garbage including cigarette butts. 
12. Please respect the area surrounding the pool. 


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